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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency has been lately a major concern and taken up spree almost worldwide. So measures are taken up to have effective Energy Efficiency programs.

IEISL Energy Efficiency division provides advisory services to project developers, from Public and Private sectors as well as financial institutions. It operates as a program manager to conceive, steer and manage projects that have a complex interface between Government, Business and Communities. The division has rich and diverse experience in planning, reviewing and implementing Energy Efficiency modes and modules as an integral part of project development, implementation, post-implementation monitoring process in the framework of public-private partnership.   
The division possesses in-house expertise and facilities to supervise and monitor the work during the development, implementation and operation stage of the project. The division is also capable of developing appropriate implementation structures which will attract private sector participants in implementation and operations of the project.

Services Offered

IEISL Energy Efficiency division offers turnkey services in all aspects of Energy Efficiency Projects. Scope of services involves:

  •  Project Development & Institutional Structuring
  •  Energy Audits
  •  Capacity Building
  •  Institutional Structuring.
  •  Tender Management
  •  Funding

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