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Focus Sectors

With a wide range of in-house expertise and strategic alliances, the team is well positioned to deliver IT enabled services and data to the exacting standards of various industries. The division has capabilities to design, develop and deploy enterprise GIS by integrating data held across an enterprise, which helps in enhancing business processes.

The team also has the capability to provide its customers with end to end, fully managed service to address the full life cycle of geospatial data management –Evaluation (Scoping studies, Data audits, Process audits, System audits, Interoperability requirements analysis, Evaluation and definition of analytical processes), Implementation/Interpretation (Project management, Data capture, Conversion, cleansing and enhancement, Metadata creation, Standards implementation, Implementation support, Process reengineering, Training) and Managed Services (Database management, Data maintenance, Map management, Data distribution management, Quality management, Performance monitoring and review).

The division has one of the largest databases having complete coverage of India, south East Asia and Asia pacific region. The following are the sectors where Geospatial Solutions Division is strongly positioned to deliver its services:

Infrastructure and Urban Utilities Planning

The team provides the advisory and solution development services in the areas of land use planning, infrastructure planning (social infrastructure, roads, power, oil & gas etc) and utility planning and management (water, power, gas, etc). GIS is proved to be of great use in locating the optimum sites for oil & gas exploration, water supply intake and treatment facilities, solid waste management facilities, common service centers, data disseminations kiosks and many other infrastructure planning activities of the kind.

The key GIS based Water Infrastructure planning based projects are delivered for Jalore District of Rajasthan, Common Service Centre for Dept of Information Technology, GoI, Chamoli District Growth-Pole for Govt. of Uttarakhand etc.

Telecommunication & Network Planning

This includes the services to addresses a variety of wireless applications including preliminary regional network planning, coverage and line of sight analysis, network expansion and site acquisition. The services to the telecom industry include:

Customized Information / geodata products  

The division is one of the leading suppliers of high quality digital geographic data product for Radio Frequency (RE) /Wireless network planning, design and performance optimization.

  • Telecom Mapping Solutions.
  • Regional/State Telecom RF/Wireless Package
  • Urban Telecom RF/Wireless Package
  • City Telecom RF/Wireless Package
  • SSA/SDC Telecom RF/Wireless Package  

Customized Geo-data Products for all the cellular sectors like fixed wireless (WLL, LMDS) and mobile wireless (GSM, CDMA, TDMA and UMTS) at State/Regional/Urban and city-specific Wireless & RF planning in compatible planning tool format including PLANET/ASSET/CE4/WIZARD/NETPLAN and others.

Customized Products

Wireless Planning Tool: The Company has developed a GIS-based Telecom Resource Planning Tool (Trpt) which combines high-resolution digital map data with multiple information layers in an IT-enabled framework customized to meet client requirements. The tool provides Operation Support System for network maintenance and planning, Business Support System for strengthening marketing and sales initiatives, customer care, and, top Management Information System, to integrate various organizational functions. In addition to developing the geo-database and customized interface, the team can also provide the following training and support services to the client. To learn more please go to PRODUCTS>Trpt

Unified planning tool for Wireless and Wire line: The Company is developing a planning tool which addresses the various planning aspects of both wireless and fixed line services. This tool will be an end to end solution for the whole set of activities in telecommunication activities.

Enterprise solutions

The Company also provides full fledged GIS based enterprise solutions for telecom industries, from customized data sets to implementation, management and maintenance of the solution at client base, by deploying our personnel at the client end.

IEISL's telecommunications services team comprises of professionals who have training and practical experience in applying GIS for Radio Frequency planning and Wireless Network Modelling application, network planning, facilities management, data management and land base development in support of network planning. The group is specialized in consulting and custom programming for network planning, database implementation, spatial data warehousing, facilities sighting, customer care applications, and marketing/demographic analysis applications.

Our end-to-end GIS solutions for the telecom industry are being used by cellular operators, equipment suppliers, and network planning consultants.  Key Projects include RS/GIS based Resource Planning Tool for Bharti Televentures Ltd. New Delhi, GIS Based Telecom Resource Planning Tool and providing customized geographic database for Reliance Telecom Ltd., Kolkata and Passive telecom infrastructure across rural India for TVS – ICS (ITIL).

Natural Resource Management

Being a leading provider of environmental services, the company has also built sufficient capabilities in the spatial applications for environment and  provides innovative RS/GIS based solutions for environment management, disaster management, wasteland mapping, drought monitoring & mitigation, forest management, improved agriculture, integrated watershed management, ground water potential exploration etc. Geospatial Solutions Division is developing a Natural Resource Monitoring Tool which provides:

  • Generic spatial layers of parameters like land use, Digital Terrain Model (DTM), soil, demography, geology, etc.
  • Spatio-temporal patterns of environmental changes for time series analyses
  • Sophisticated ecological rules and relationships
  • Customized module for analysis and decision-making 

The Agro-Information System, being developed by the team allows the user to understand the activities and markets using detailed information on population density, farmer base, income strata, etc. The system will provide facilities for suitability analysis, monitoring, and productivity assessment of crops. The tool will also provide information and facilitate analysis retaining to raw material sources, product markets, and connectivity options which can be fruitfully used by the agriculturists and the industry alike.

Finance/ Insurance

GIS technology provides a customized platform for financial institutions to get a statistical and spatial insight into their customers' purchasing habits, study consumer behavior and analyze need for additional products and services. IEISL is developing IT-enabled GIS-based tools for the sector with the Regulatory Compliance, Market Analysis, Customer Prospecting & Analysis and ATM/Branch Locator applications.

Risk assessment is also important in business decisions. GIS helps institutions to analyse, visualise, and distribute risk spatially while avoiding redlining. The Risk Assessment Tool under development can provide the following key features to financial institutions:

  • Identifying areas of potential loss
  • Spatial distribution and Historic patterns of claims
  • Product and Market Segmentation by territory
  • Modeling and projection of likely claims
  • Mapping the fraud and default

Urban Management

The Company offers its services to urban local bodies as well as other urban management agencies to implement GIS technology, which can help increase their efficiency in accessing, handling and processing the meticulous and diverse data required for the delivery of their duties, can decrease the timeline and increase the accuracy in delivery of data and services, and can effectively support decision-making. GIS technology can efficiently support a variety of urban management functions, especially those which pivot on geographic information, including:

  • Property mapping , assessment and management
  • Utility planning, maintenance, and customer service
  • Public safety , emergency planning and response
  • Land development , building permit review and tracking
  • Economic development and site suitability assessment
  • Long -term growth planning and decision support. 

Implementation of GIS has been proved to bring about increased efficiency of property assessment & tax collection, enhancement of in-house capabilities and coordination, effectiveness of emergency response planning, easy registration & licensing, timely grievance redressel, and optimally planned services & utilities.

Business GIS

IEISL has developed a Business GIS Tool for both the rural & urban markets. The GIS based Market Information System (MIS) provides the following important features:

  • Urban & Rural Geo-database.
  • Site Selection & Coverage Network.
  • Market data & Campaign trails.
  • Demographic Analysis.
  • Customer Service.
  • Delivery Routing.
  • Location-based Information (Trade Area, Customer base, etc.).

The Market Information System allows the user to comprehend dealer & retailer activities and its markets (both urban & rural coverage) using detailed information on population, cluster density, customer base, income strata and others. The tool will also provide information on dealer/retailer coverage and location to assist sales and customer service representatives.

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